Imperialism never left us
Though I do enjoy a mint
Killing fields forever
A four-year power stint

Show them whose a power button
The whores are still in charge
Though the ones who give the real McCoy
Have no rise; they're discharged

No chance, they are disposable
Like bullets from a gun
Belief in the ladder
No legs to climb the rungs

Society has no meaning
Whilst creating enemies
I hate you and you hate me
No faith in which to believe

What happened to humanity?
Mention refugees
They are you and you are me
But only when it bleed

The annals of history
From the victors' point of view
Because the underdog is voiceless
Lest a military coup

Democracy is reckless
A bidding war at best
Can you afford protection?
A bulletproof vest

So make your cuts, save a billion
Cut the hossie beds
Enough to buy a Trident bomb
A million souls put to rest

Suppose it works out cheap that way
Vermin so to speak
Let's repeal the stock exchange
Account for human lives

The spoils of war are merely wars
For our Godly call
The meek shall inherit the earth they say
Though we're neither meek nor humble

We jack the prices up
Of pills for disregarded souls
For a patent for a pill
Is worth your body weight in gold

It differs from place to place
Though money is the key
So wear a ribbon, a scarlet poppy
Because peace is under planned