A collection of Erasure remixes that I have created using samples over the years. Available here for you to listen to and download.

Breathe – Onge's Ambient Extended Mix

My first Erasure remix, a slow and sultry re-working, created using samples from the Digimpro software available on the Breathe LCD single and Cool Edit Pro (now called Adobe Audition).

Don't Say You Love Me – Onge's Lullaby Mix

An extremely stripped down, minimalist remix of this Nightbird track, based heavily on the Piney Gir remix of this track. Created by fusing two unique arrangements generated using the erasuredownload website.

Here I Go Impossible Again – Onge's Old Skool 12" Mix

Extended 12" style remix, created using the Digimpro software available on the LCD single. Since I created my mix, extended remixes have came back into fashion. Coincidence? Absolutely.

I Lose Myself – Onge's I Lose Track Of Time Mix

A slightly superfluous extended mix (Gareth Jones did it first) that seemingly never ends. Created using the stems available to purchase from the Beatportal website and mixed using Adobe Audition.

Sacred – Onge's Cursed Mix

A slightly extended mix with new percussion (drums sampled from the James song Curse Curse) created using stems from the website. Mastered by Glynn from Destination.

When A Lover Leaves You – Onge's Alternaria Mix

A basic, mellow version of this track (see a pattern emerging here?) from the Light At The End Of The World album. Samples were pieced together using Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition.