Poll 2018 Results Published To Mark 20 Years Of Onge's Erasure Page

1 December 2018

Oh my, how did that happen? Today is the 20th anniversary of the launch of this website and what better way to mark the occasion than to publish the results of Poll 2018 – the first major poll to be run for five years!

It's crazy to think when I first published this site back in 20 years a go in 1998 that Erasure hadn't existed for 20 years... hell, I hadn't existed for 20 years! It's hard to believe that my site is older than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Bluetooth, Blu-ray discs, the smartphone, the Xbox, X-Factor... this site is only a few months younger than Google!

  • Onge's Erasure Page: Dec 98 to May 00 screenshot
  • Onge's Erasure Page: May 00 to Aug 04 screenshot
  • Onge's Erasure Page: Aug 04 to Mar 11 screenshot
  • Onge's Erasure Page: Mar 11 to Dec 13 screenshot
  • Onge's Erasure Page: Dec 13 to present screenshot

How this site has looked over the years

Thank you to everyone who uses or has used this site over the past two decades. Like Onge's Erasure Page on Facebook and Follow Onge's Erasure Page on Twitter for further news and anniversary related musings!

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  1. Hi, Onge! My most sincere congratulations for the 20th anniversary of your website dedicated to the nicest and most talented guys of British Pop Music!

    As for the new major poll you made this year, I must confess many results are always an unpleasant surprise to me… Why is such a great album like LATEOTW ranked so low, for example?! Or how can such a great song like Perchance To Dream be placed among their worst ones?! Anyway, it’s very interesting to see the results, especially because they let you know what you have in common with other fans of Erasure.

    Kind regards and, please, keep up the good work,

    Fábio (aka Chabacano)

    P.S.: If you fancy, take a look at what I’ve been done to V&A thus far at https://bit.ly/2hSneFl .

    Posted by Fábio
    2 December 2018 7:07 pm (GMT)
  2. Thank you Fábio!

    I know what you mean – some of the results aren’t to my liking either. Cowboy obviously should be voted as the best album! 😂

    Posted by Onge
    5 December 2018 8:44 pm (GMT)
  3. Well done, little Onge :) xx

    Posted by Joanne
    6 December 2018 1:45 pm (GMT)
  4. Cowboy is one of the few albums by Erasure that seems to please most of the big fans, but it’s not their best… Sorry. I hope I haven’t ruined your day.

    Posted by Fábio
    7 December 2018 4:56 pm (GMT)
  5. Great site ☺always up to date and informative for all erasure fans

    Posted by John m
    12 December 2018 7:22 pm (GMT)
  6. With regards to best album it’s got to be ERASURE by by erasure fantastic album. Closely followed by lateotw. I mean all good just re visiting snow globe at the moment.keep up the good work seasons greetings.

    Posted by John m
    13 December 2018 9:55 pm (GMT)
  7. Well done onge great site always looking it up. A true erasure afficionado and such a friendly site.kepp up the good work.whats yr feelings on a new erasure album this year ? 😉

    Posted by John m
    10 January 2019 10:14 pm (GMT)
  8. Thanks John! And to answer your question, I’m not expecting an new Erasure album until 2020 at the earliest…

    Posted by Onge
    18 January 2019 9:32 pm (GMT)

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