The Circus / The Innocents Double Album Box Set Out March

30 January 2012

The Circus/The Innocents 2 CD Box Set SleeveThe Circus and The Innocents are to be released as a double-album box set as part of the EMI Gold Classics Album range on the 19th March 2012. This is the first time these two albums have been released together and better still the release has a budget price of under £6!

Featuring the CD album tracklists (that means you get the bonus tracks not on the LP and cassette versions), this remastered box set is available to pre-order now from Lexer Music and Mutebank.

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  1. now that is value for money, might just buy it for that reason alone onge.

    Posted by john
    31 January 2012 8:34 pm (GMT)
  2. It is cheap, isn’t it! :)

    Posted by Onge
    4 February 2012 2:55 pm (GMT)

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