Site Update: Play the Erasure Lyrics Quiz

10 January 2012

New year, new feature here on Onge's Erasure Page: I've created a little game to test your Erasure lyrics knowledge! See how many points you can score in 30 seconds and then submit your best to the leaderboard! To make the quiz accessible to a wider audience I've only taken lyrics from Erasure's singles - so if you know your copy of Total Pop! well, you should be able to compete with the best of 'em!

To play, head on over to the Lyrics Quiz page now. Enjoy!

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  1. its bloody hard!

    Posted by john
    12 January 2012 8:48 pm (GMT)
  2. Haha! And I was worried I was making the questions too easy! :P

    Posted by Onge
    12 January 2012 9:39 pm (GMT)
  3. Have you had a go at the quiz Onge , if so what was your score?

    I particularly liked the blue savannah orange

    Posted by john
    18 January 2012 8:32 pm (GMT)
  4. I’ve played it hundreds of times during development and testing. I changed the scoring system several times – on the current version of the game my best score is around 72000… which wouldn’t even see me top the leaderboard (and I wrote all the questions!).

    Posted by Onge
    18 January 2012 8:48 pm (GMT)
  5. I think we don’t have much time even to read the lines! To say nothing of choosing the right variant((( Please, give us more time!)))A little bit!

    Posted by Natalie
    20 January 2012 7:12 am (GMT)

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