Site Update: Pictogram Wallpapers Added

21 July 2012

Victim Of Love PictogramLast year, before the official Erasure forum on the EIS website closed, one forum user started a thread and posted some Erasure related pictograms they had made. I liked the clever simplicity and striking nature of the images. I liked them so much in fact that I approached their creator and asked if they would like to make wallpaper versions of these pictograms that I could make available to download on this site.

Victim Of Love PictogramWell, I'm pleased to say that the brains behind these pictograms, Chris McGuinness, agreed and you can now download some pictogram wallpapers from the Downloads section of this site! Want to request that an Erasure song gets the pictogram treatment? Then share your views by commenting below, or send Chris a message directly on Twitter by using the @iMcGenius username.

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