Official Erasure Forum Closed

15 June 2012

Today sees the official Erasure forum on the EIS website shut down. Launched in 2003, the forum was a great place to discuss the band and meet fellow fans but recently visitor numbers were dwindling with many threads descending into arguments so the decision to close the forum was made. It will remain accessible as an archive but no longer will users be able to post messages.

Whilst it is a shame the official forum is no more, there are plenty of unofficial alternatives (see below). See you there!

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  1. Yes a very sad day but all is not lost lets keep the faith in another forum …… Like Pe3!!

    See you there pughie

    Posted by Pughie
    15 June 2012 8:45 am (GMT)
  2. Please, add another forum from Argentina:

    Posted by Hernán
    15 June 2012 1:25 pm (GMT)
  3. Hernán – I’ve added your forum to the list. :)

    Posted by Onge
    16 June 2012 5:16 pm (GMT)
  4. Thanks!!!!!!!

    Posted by Hernán
    18 June 2012 1:41 pm (GMT)
  5. Just joined The Erasure Forum! Hope to see some of you guys join soon!

    Posted by starlight
    28 June 2012 12:49 pm (GMT)
  6. Please,please,please add this new free german Erasure fan forum to the list!
    Hope to see you there!!!

    Posted by German Erasure Forum
    6 July 2012 10:41 am (GMT)
  7. To be honest I’m rather glad it closed. It was just a bickering immature bunch of people who spoiled it as usual. Sadly it will only happen again on other forums when the same trolls join, so I will quite happily stay away from them and just keep up-to date on any info via and would rather not join in the petty arguments with all the fools on the wannabe forums.

    Posted by Reg
    9 July 2012 7:06 pm (GMT)

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