Erasure Essential Compilation Out In March

19 February 2012

Erasure Essential sleeveUnder the range of EMI Gold, a collection of compilation albums entitled Essential are due for release in March. Artists such as Yazoo, UB40, Human League, Kim Wilde, Blondie and Roxy Music will see such compilations and Erasure are no exception. The Erasure Essential album is home to 16 tracks spanning from 1985 to 2003 and is out 19th March, available at a budget price of under £5. For more information, including the somewhat dubious tracklisting, see the Essential Discography Page.

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  1. Nothing less than 1/4 of this compilation was made with tracks of “Other People’s Songs”. Is it really essential or just eccentric? I’m not sure if I’m eccentric enough to buy this one…

    Posted by Chabacano
    24 February 2012 7:02 am (GMT)
  2. not bae for the price but what video killed or i love Saturday is doing on any essential? compilation is beyond me

    Posted by Paraic
    28 February 2012 2:01 pm (GMT)
  3. Hey, I Love Saturday is so essential as their most popular singles in my opinion! I just cannot understand why 4 tracks from OPS, a good covers album, but not that good…

    Posted by Chabacano
    2 March 2012 1:54 am (GMT)
  4. @Chabacano: It’s probably because the kind of shops this will be in is the kind of shops that older people will be going into; people who haven’t necessarily heard of most Erasure stuff. They will pick it up and recognize the obvious Erasure songs, and then see other songs that they recognize, and then buy it becuase it is full of recognizable music.

    Posted by Phil
    2 March 2012 12:21 pm (GMT)

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