Onge's Be With You Video

In October 2011, the Erasure Information Service launched a video competition where fans were invited to create a video of their own for the Be With You single. Below is my effort:

Making Of The Video

Despite having no real video editing skills I thought it'd be fun to try and make a video and my initial idea was to use our cats, Andy and Vince (I wonder where they got their names from!), to enact the lyrics in the song. This idea was quickly dismissed as being rubbish as getting the kitties to behave is hard enough, let alone getting them to co-operate in a video shoot of some description!

The next idea I had was to use photographs to represent each of the lyrics in the track. Problem with this approach was that unless I took every shot myself I couldn't enter my video into the competition because of copyright infringement. Also trying the find photos in the correct orientation and in high enough resolution to use would have been a complete and utter nightmare!

So I eventually decided to draw the shots I wanted instead of use photos. Initially I was going to draw the images on my computer, but soon decided against this as drawing with a mouse is akin to trying to draw using your feet - so hand-drawn was the way to go! At first my stick-men drawings were going to be temporary just to get my ideas on paper, but time constraints meant I decided to keep them for the final edit. They have a certain charm and I can't draw much better anyway!

Over a few weeks I managed to come up with ideas for each line of the song and slowly drew each one needed. What was to follow was a lot of tedious scanning, airbrushing of the drawings and editing them into a video. In total there are over 180 separate frames, with each one being edited individually - no quick software to do it for me - and placed into the video timeline at exactly the right spot. By the end of the process I was really starting to get sick of hearing the song!


At first I wasn't sure whether to enter the EIS competition - my video was supposed to be a bit of fun and didn't think anyone would see it as a viable entrant. But as soon as I had uploaded it to YouTube the reaction from fans was overwhelmingly positive, so I thought I might as well enter it after all. Below are some of my favourite comments left by others regarding my video:

  1. Great song and a great video - well done - love it !!!!

  2. Excellent work, I couldn't help but smile the whole way through it.

  3. e x c e l e n t ! Congratulations!, it is fabulous, simple and very funny, I saw it many times and always with a smile in my face

  4. I love this video. It's brilliant, made me laugh too. Love the tracklisting for the 'If I Could' line. Fantastic

  5. love it love it...what more can i say pure class... goes so well with a really great song well done erasure and well do you for this video

  6. Fantastic job - if this doesn't win the competition, then there's no God!

Competition Result

My video made it to the final six, where Andy and Vince ended up picking a winner and two runners-up. In the end my video was one of the runners-up - those supermarket felt tips and pad of paper were a sound investment after all! For more about the winner and the other runner-up, see my Be With You Video Competition Winner Announced news item.

Massive thank you to everyone who voted for my video, posted nice comments and sent me messages of support - it really is appreciated!