Erasure Mastermind

Mastermind is a British quiz series that has run on-off since 1972 and according to Wikipedia is famous "challenging questions, intimidating setting and air of seriousness". For one of the rounds, each contestant is allowed to choose an area of expertise to be asked questions on.

In Autumn 2007, fan Katie Bramall was a contestent on the show and chose Erasure as her specialist subject. Below are the questions Katie was asked – she got 100% correct – and didn't have the benefit of multiple choice either! See how many you can get right. Good luck!

Which publication did Vince Clarke advertise for a vocalist in 1985 leading to the audition where he met Andy Bell & formed Erasure?

Erasure's debut single in the UK was made with which independent record label owned by Daniel Miller?

What name was given to Erasure's live performance video made during their 1987 Circus tour?

Which 1988 album was produced by Stephen Hague replacing Mark Ellis who had produced Erasure's first two albums?

What name was given to the tour of the UK, Europe and North America in 1992?

Their ABBA-esque EP featured four cover versions of Abba songs. Voulez-Vous, Take A Chance On Me, S.O.S. and which other?

The duo brought in two backing singers for their 1986 Wonderland tour, one was Jim Birkman, who was the other?

Erasure recorded a version of which classic Ike & Tina Turner song which was included on the CD of The Innocents?

The duo supported which British band on an American tour in the summer of 1987?

Which track on the 1992 album Pop! The First 20 Hits got to number 100 when released as a single in the UK in 1985?

What was the name of the 2006 studio album containing their old material reinterpreted in an acoustic or Country and Western style?

The backing vocals on the 1989 single Drama! feature an uncredited performance from members of which band?

Which Clarke/Bell penned Christmas song featured on the Crackers International EP?

The tracks Angel & Rock Me Gently featured on the album Erasure feature vocals from which singer also signed to the Mute label?

What outdoor venue did Erasure come back to the UK to perform at after returning from the US at the end of their Wild tour in 1990?

Which song recorded for the 2003 album Other People's Songs was written by Maxwell / Sigman and performed by the Righteous Brothers in 1965?

Erasure collaborated with which female singer on the 1991 album Tame Yourself which was recorded in support of an animal rights charity?

What was the only track on the Wonderland album that credited Andy Bell alone as the songwriter?

What was the b-side to their first single Who Needs Love (Like That)?