Past Quick Poll Results

Poll #75: Best Gaudete Remix?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 56
Alternative Mix 18%
Dave Aude Extended Club Remix 48%
DJ Yiannis Benedicat Domino Mix 5%
Razor N Guido Vocal Remix 9%
The Storks Remix 20%

A comprehensive victory for the Dave Aude Extended Club Remix which received nearly half of the total vote. Perhaps more interesting is how few people took part in the poll - maybe not many people bought the single and therefore are unfamiliar with these remixes?

Poll #74: What Do You Think Of The New Look To This Site?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 116
I Like It 78%
I Think It's OK 11%
I Dislike It 1%
I Prefer The Old Site 8%
What New Look? 2%

Not bad, not bad - nearly 8 out of 10 people like the new look to my site. Still, not quite as high as the 89% approval rating I received when I launched the previous version of this site... :(

Poll #73: Best Snow Globe Track?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 299
Bells Of Love (Isabelle's Of Love) 24%
Gaudete 8%
Make It Wonderful 19%
Sleep Quietly 2%
Silent Night 3%
Loving Man 31%
The Christmas Song 0%
Bleak Midwinter 3%
Blood On The Snow 3%
There'll Be No Tomorrow 6%
Midnight Clear 1%
White Christmas 0%
Silver Bells 0%

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the original compositions fared best in this poll, with Loving Man eventually overhauling long-time leader Bells Of Love (Isabelle's Of Love) to take the victory. White Christmas was the only track not to receive as single vote, with The Christmas Song and Silver Bells both receiving a solitary vote each.

Poll #72: Which Cover From Snow Globe Are You Most Looking Forward To Hearing?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 168
Gaudete 40%
Sleep Quietly 4%
Silent Night 19%
The Christmas Song 8%
Bleak Midwinter 10%
Midnight Clear 2%
White Christmas 10%
Silver Bells 7%

Little surprises here, with lead single Gaudete naturally gaining the most interest - and more than twice as many votes as second placed Silent Night.

Poll #71: Are You Excited By The Forthcoming Christmas Album?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 643
Yes - Very Much So 37%
Somewhat 10%
No - Not At All 53%

Not exactly an overwhelming sense of anticipation for the Snow Globe album release, with over half of voters expressing no excitement leading up to its release. Perhaps it's hard to get in the festive spirit during summer/early autumn...

Poll #70: Who Would You Like To See Produce Another Erasure Album?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 384
Flood 20%
Stephen Hague 23%
Gareth Jones 23%
Martyn Phillips 6%
Martyn Ware 12%
None - Someone New Please! 16%

In the end a it was only a single vote that separated Stephen Hague and Gareth Jones meaning the producer of The Innocents won by the narrowest of margins. Despite the criticism often aimed towards Loveboat's production, Flood came in third place with the wish for new blood to work with Erasure in fourth.

Poll #69: Should Frankmusik Produce Another Erasure Album?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 253
Yes 24%
No 66%
Undecided 10%

I knew that Frankmusik's influence on the Tomorrow's World album had divided fans, but I didn't expect nearly two-thirds to vote against him producing a future Erasure album. I think that a tad harsh - but the people have spoken.