Past Quick Poll Results

Poll #89: The New Single Love You To The Sky Is:

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 287
Fantastic 29%
Good 40%
Average 21%
Weak 9%
Dreadful 1%

A pretty strong showing from the lead single from World Be Gone, with 69% rating the song as either fantastic or good. That said, it's not as highly rated as Elevation (74%) or When I Start To (Break It All Down) (89%).

Poll #88: What Do You Think Of The World Be Gone Sleeve Artwork?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 91
I love it 71%
I'm undecided 23%
I dislike it 6%

That's a pretty convincing thumbs up for the artwork of the latest Erasure album World Be Gone and in my view it's well deserved. And with only 6% stating they dislike the artwork, this might go down as one of the most popular sleeves in many a year.

Poll #87: How Do You Feel About The From Moscow To Mars Box Set Contents?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 266
Excited 55%
Indifferent 20%
Disappointed 25%

Generally, the From Moscow To Mars box set was well received, but it wasn't an overwhelmingly positive reception with a quarter of fans expressing disappointment at the contents. It's not without its flaws but overall I feel the box set is a worthwhile purchase.

Poll #86: How Many Vinyl Re-Issues Have You Bought?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 79
All Of Them 22%
Some Of Them 8%
None Of Them 70%

I always expected the vinyl re-issues to have a niche appeal (so much so this poll received a very low number of votes) but even I was surprised that 70% of respondents haven't bought a single one of them. Let's hope that the From Moscow To Mars box set fares better!

Poll #85: Best Compilation Remix?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 268
Who Needs Love (Like That) – Hamburg Mix 45%
Oh L'amour – August Mix 21%
Always – 2009 Mix 22%
Sometimes 2015 12%

With the introduction of the 2015 mix of Sometimes it was time to run this poll again with the new addition... and it made no difference at all to the outcome! The Hamburg Mix of Who Needs Love (Like That) rightfully won by a mile with almost half the total votes, with Sometimes 2015 coming in a distant last.

Poll #84: Which Collaboration Excites You The Most?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 144
Vince with Jean-Michel Jarre 72%
Andy with Dave Audé 28%

A pretty comprehensive victory for Vince teaming up with French electro legend Jean-Michel Jarre, with nearly three-quarters of the vote secured. Jarre's Electronica – 1 The Time Machine album featured two collaborations with Vince, whilst at the time of writing (Winter 2015) we are still awaiting the second single from Andy with Dave Audé (let alone a whole album)...

Poll #83: What Would You Most Like To See Mark Erasure's 30th Anniversary?

Answer % Graph
Total votes: 457
One-Off Concert 13%
Remastered Albums 9%
B-Sides Album 31%
DVD Of Unreleased Concerts 37%
Singles Box Set 5 & 6 8%
Vinyl Reissues 2%

Close fought for a while, but the option of having previously unreleased concerts on DVD proved too tempting for the majority. I'm not sure how many of these concerts exist in the Mute Vault (MK Bowl, Cowboy Concerts, Violet Flame Tour perhaps?) but it would be nice to see these released at some point in the future. The B-Sides album is also a popular choice and one that has been mentioned for many years now. Maybe one day it'll see the light of day...